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I rock. Let me just say that now. I got our Wireless Hub for about $174.05 off list and with free shipping from Buy.com ... look here.

And we're probably going to steal this cable modem. So technically... the major shopping is done.

Nick and Joe - You'll need to get one of these... -> a Wireless USB Network Adapter so you can hack da planet. If you can order together, you'll get free shipping from Buy.com. If you want me to order them, let me know... but right now, my fundage is a bit low, considering the mad tech. purchases I've been making right now.

Anyway... what's everyone think?

P.S. I know I have a hard port in my computer, as does Nate. Nate and I will have to run wiring to the hub... so I think it should be closer to our rooms. I will call about RoadRunner service if someone CALLS ABOUT RENTER'S INSURANCE.

Thank you.

Your mom.
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Jon... I can get you the money for mine if you can place the order. The reason for this is that I have neither a credit card or a checking account. I'm calling Joe right now, and if he wants to order his too, we can do the free shipping thing.
Sounds good. Just let me know.
Is there anytime tomorrow after 4:30 Joe and I could come by with the money? If not then, when else is good for you?
After 4:30 is fine. Just go ahead and call before you come over (513) 529-7059.



April 5 2002, 17:34:04 UTC 15 years ago

Randomly found this Journal when I was looking for other Christians and your pictures (that dorky Perfect strangers guy) made me laugh.
Thank god for Christian fellowship.